Shady Circle Campground

Greencastle, Indiana

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Lot Camping will be from April 1st to October 31st not to exceed 90 days. Time consumed after 90 days will require an additional charge of $30.00 per night. Campsites used before April 1st and after October 31st will also be charged $30.00 per day. Subleasing is NOT allowed. Campers agree to pay the predetermined lot rent set by ownership and the associated fees that accompany each lot. Campers agree to pay the predetermined fee for the amenities that are associated with each lot and camper. Upon sale of camper, Lot Rents are NOT transferable to the Buyers. Lot Rents are nonrefundable.


There is a $10.00 charge for each guest per night which MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE. Any guest staying past 8pm will be considered an overnight guest unless otherwise arranged with Owner or Representative in advance. NOT paying for guests will be considered theft and you will be removed from the campground with no refunds. It is your responsibility to make sure that your guests know and abide by all rules, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CONDUCT. If you already know how many guests will accompany you and for the number of days, please pay in advance. Guests must leave by 11 AM the following day or pay an additional $10.


All park occupants will use the main gate to enter and exit the campground.


All non-essential appliances are to be turned off when not occupying your camper. Water is to be turned off when you leave, if left on and a leak occurs you will be billed $25 charge per occurrence. Air conditioners must be turned off when the camper is not occupied; violation of this will result in a $100 monthly charge for air conditioning. Every camper is expected to conserve electricity and water. ELECTRICAL BOXES UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should be tampered with. Hard wiring into electric is not allowed. If boxes are found hardwired there will be a $100 charge to correct it. If any problem should arise contact the owner/representative at once!!!


All sewer connections are to be air tight and made of PVC pipe, NO FLEX PIPE. Holding tanks are to be used at all times, all waste released into the campground septic system will be treated with beneficial chemicals. Only use septic safe toilet paper. DO NOT flush anything that could clog drains like tampons, paper toweling, diapers, etc.; put these articles in a plastic bag and place in the trash. You will be responsible for all charges associated with the removal and/or repairs if the clog is due to improper practice. Repairs affect everyone so be vigilant. RECREATION VEHICLE EXTERIORS. Exteriors of the Recreational Vehicles must be kept clean and neat. All utility connections must be kept safe, leak proof and in operative condition at all times. Sewage is to be held in holding tank using proper chemicals for breakdown and when near full discharged into sewage system. In no event are campers to discharge sewage directly into sewer system. All sewage valves must remain closed at all times. Unsightly materials (as determined by the managers) may not be hung from outside the Recreational Vehicle. Exterior location or storage of any icebox, stove, building material, furniture or similar items on the exterior of the Recreational Vehicle is strictly prohibited.


Campsites are to be kept neat and clean and mold free, front to back, no one wants to camp next to a dump. Campers will be washed one time per season and improvements (all structures) are to be well kept and in good repair, if you can’t maintain these structures then remove them. Spray your lot and gravel for weeds and unwanted grass, if your campsite becomes unsightly with vegetation it will be sprayed at a cost of $60.00 for each time sprayed. You can choose to have the owner/representative spray the whole season for a one-time fee of $150.00 if paid in advance. DO NOT NAIL INTO OR CUT ANY TREES, NO DIGGING, NO TREE HOUSES, NO BUILDING, unless given permission, Before ANY construction it is the campers responsibility to have ALL utilities located and any damage to utilities public or private will be renters burden. ALL FIRES ARE TO BE IN A FIRE RING, NO FIRES LEFT UNATTENDED, NO WASHING OF CARS OR TRUCKS.

Boat Docks

The DNR assigns spots on the lake wall and all assignees must display permits. All other vessels illegally parked are at the risk of citation by the DNR. All vessels parked along the shoreline must comply with DNR regulations.


NO disturbing noise after 11:00 p.m. Disturbing noise is any kind of sound that can be heard at 50’ or greater; the County has a noise ordinance in place that prohibits loud noise between 10:00PM to 6:00AM. If the owner gets fined by the County representatives due to disturbing noise, the fee will be passed to the responsible party or parties.


In some cases tree removal will be a shared expense that will be determined case by case otherwise it’s the burden of the camper. If a tree is dead or dying and the tree has been damaged due to “nailing” and/or metal is detected in the trunk or other means that can kill the tree the renter will be totally responsible for the removal of the tree.


Outdoor lighting will be LED type; All outdoor lighting will be turned off by 12:30 a.m.


The speed limit in the campground is 5 MILES PER HOUR! Everyone is encouraged to help enforce this, SPEEDING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


Children under the age of 12 MUST AND WILL BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT; Children are not to be left unattended in the campground, they are not to play on another camper’s lot. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions make sure they know and follow the rules.


MOTORCYCLES are not allowed in the campground, only two (2) vehicles per campsite, watercrafts are considered as a vehicle, all vehicles are to be parked on your lot, DO NOT PARK ON OTHERS and DO NOT PARK ON OR BLOCK THE ROADWAY.


This also means the wooded areas. all trash and garbage must be placed in the dumpster. THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF $100.00 for all trash that has to be removed from the wooded areas behind your camper.


This also means the wooded areas. all trash and garbage must be placed in the dumpster. THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF $100.00 for all trash that has to be removed from the wooded areas behind your camper.


All pets MUST BE UNDER YOUR CONTROL AT ALL TIMES and on a leash when off your lot. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET ON OTHER CAMPSITES TO RELIEVE ITSELF. Pet waste in commonly traveled areas is to be cleaned up by the owner. The following areas are off limits to pets: shelter house grassy area, flower beds, flag pole area, and office area. Violation of this rule will result in the loss of your pet privileges. We will not tolerate vicious dogs or dogs of a threatening nature. There is a $50 charge per pet.


Agree to pay for any damage they cause to the premises, Member(s) agree to hold harmless and indemnify Shady Circle Campground, its owners, operators and agents against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liability, losses, damages, penalties and expenses, including court costs and attorney's fees, arising from or incurred because of the member(s)' and their Guests' actual or alleged actions or omissions with respect to the premises. The member(s) and his/her Guests assumes all risk of liability arising from or in connection with this rental of the camping space and other activities at the premises and assumes and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to, or theft, or destruction of his equipment or personal property at the premises.


DO NOT PROMISE the lot to the buyer, you do not own the lot; the owner must approve anyone wishing to camp here. If you sell your camper without getting prior approval the new owners will be required to remove the camper from the campground. ALL Trailer/Camper sales will incur a 10% fee paid directly to Bourbon City Ventures LLC. once closed.


All fees must be paid by April 15th including the Off Season Holding fee of $100.00 FOR EACH LOT! Off Season Holding fee will secure your lot(s) until the following season begins. You will be responsible for any charges that we may incur in seeking monies rightfully owed including court costs and attorney's fees. There is an extra charge for all building improvements (lot enhancement) extra fees apply for air conditioners, electric heaters, home type refrigerators, electric water heaters, ceiling fans, and floor fans, etc. See the pricing sheet for reference. Failure to pay for these amenities will result in your being asked to move. All Payments after the due dates will be assessed a one-time $50.00 late fee, plus an additional $50.00 per day for each and every day after the original due date. Returned checks will incur a $50.00 fee.

Boat and Boat Trailers

All boats are to be parked at your campsite or in the paid lots in the front or back of the campground.


All trash and garbage must be placed in the provided dump container. Bagged Trash Only.


The owner(s) retain the right to change or impose at any time additional rules necessary to manage this campground. This property is privately owned and we reserve the right to refuse service to the general public. Management has the right to evict from the premises anyone whose conduct is considered improper and/or intolerable. You can be asked to leave Shady Circle Campground at any time for any reason with no refund. No hunting is allowed on the premises unless you have received written approval from ownership. Ownership reserves the right to amend these rules at anytime. If ownership amends any rule, 10 days notice will be given before adopting any proposed amendment.


Campers understand there are cameras placed throughout the park for security and liability reasons. Cameras will also be used to verify payments during mailbox drop-off. Cameras will be used to verify arrival and departure dates.


The campground management may not enter the Recreational Vehicle of any camper without the prior consent of such camper, except in the case of an emergency or when the camper abandons the Recreational Vehicle. The campground management may enter upon the lot upon which the Recreational Vehicle is situated in order to make necessary repairs, maintain utilities or protect the campground.

Park Opening and Closing

Owners or management may choose to open the park after April 1 or close the park before October 31 due to weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances that could affect the condition of the park, campers, trailers, machinery, buildings, or land.